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Termite Control Solutions

We provide complete & reliable solutions to control all kinds of termites.

Termite Control Services

What are they?

Termites are small, soft-bodied social insects residing in colonies. Each termite in a colony has a different role to play, the queen lays eggs, soldiers defend the colony, and the workers do the foraging. They build their nests in well-hidden places, and mainly feed on wood, which means they can totally destroy wood furniture if they find their way into a residential or commercial zone.

Where are they found?

Termite nests are found as mounds in the soil, where they are of great help to re-cycle the environment by returning the nutrients of dead and dying trees to the soil. Within a home, they can travel up to 100m away from their nests to find a suitable feeding site. They do not like light, and hence travel hidden, behind walls or cracks, making it extremely difficult to locate their nest.

What are the risks associated with them?

Termites are a big threat to all your wood furniture; they can cause severe property damage if they find a place in a home. Any wood in direct contact with the ground is a preferred feeding ground for them, however, they can feed on wood not in contact with the ground too. Once termites enter into an area, they are not limited to feed on wood; they can in-fact damage paper, cardboard, cloth, carpet and other cellulosic material.

How can they be treated?

Termite nests remain concealed from view, making it difficult to destroy their colony all at once. They can be targeted by treating their food (wood) which they take back to their colonies to feed the queen, and nymphs, which can help to eliminate the entire nest. At Al Saqr, we provide professional termite control using liquid termite control and termite bait systems, depending on the severity of the infestation and guarantee the eradication of termites from your house or office.

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