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Our Pest Control & Cleaning Services

Pest Control Dubai
Pest Control

Our pest control services target all kinds of pests- flying or crawling insects, rodents, bed bugs and termites. Our specialized commercial and residential pest control solutions guarantee to get rid of any pest problems you may be facing A surrounding with pests is not only ....

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termite Control Dubai
Termites Treatment

Termites are small, soft bodied social insects residing in colonies. Each termite in a colony has a different role to play, the queen lays eggs, soldiers defend the colony, and the workers do the foraging. They build their nests in well hidden places, and mainly feed on wood, which means they can totally ..

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Pest Control Dubai
General Cleaning

Al Saqr extends its services to offer cleaning and maintenance of any interior spaces to provide stainless and sparkling clean environment. Our fully equipped and professional staff will ensure that your house  ...

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water tank cleaning in Dubai
Water tank Cleaning

Household jobs require a huge amount of water supply to fulfill the needs of the people staying in a house. This water for the house usage is acquired from the taps, which are supplied by the water tanks. Water tanks store and provide water for all our necessities- bathing, washing clothes, dishes and vegetables. .....

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